The board of directors is listed on this page for your convenience.

Chairman of the Board Roland Thompson

President Cindy Scovill

Vice President Connie Cooper

Treasurer Linda Thompson

Asst Treasurer Jean Lindsey

Secretary Michelle McDown

Asst Secretary Jill Allen

General Board of Directors - (parenthesis denotes term end)

(2016) Connie Murrill

(2016) Robbie Baker

(2016) Joseph Goforth

(2016) Carolyn Sue Whitaker

(2014) Michelle McDown

(2014) Ed Henderson

(2014)  Randy Downey

(2014) Roland Thompson

(2015) Linda Thompson

(2015) Jean Lindsey

(2015) Karl Allen

(2015) Jill Allen

(2015) John Scovill

(2015) Cindy Scovill